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Vendor Name: AA Cheese Steak Factory
Website: http://visit us on Facebook under grilicious
Telephone: 603.966.5596
Address1: Orlando, Florida
Address2: Orlando, Florida
City: Orlando, Florida
State: FL
Zipcode: 32801
First Name: Cheese Steak Factory
Last Name: Cheese Steak Factory
Description: The Cheese Steak Factory is Famous for it's BBQ Style Amazing Cheese Steak! You try one and you will always want Another! We also do Italian Sausage, Hot Dogs, Cheese and Hamburgers and many more items upon request! We can set up at any corporate event, including your office for daily lunch for all of your employees! We also do any and all festivals and fairs, church gatherings ect. Try the Cheese Steak Factory for your next event and you will see why peopl think we are the best at what we do!
Created by Cheesesteak Factory
Created at 5/6/2010 9:15 AM
Changed by Cheesesteak Factory
Changed at 5/6/2010 9:15 AM