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Vendor Name: Backyard BBQ School
Telephone: 239-822-1088
Address1: 11642 Plantation Preserve Cir.
City: Fort Myers
State: FL
Zipcode: 33966
First Name: Emmett
Last Name: Todd
Description: Fully licensed and insured BBQ Caterer, BBQ Instructor, and BBQ Outfitter. At Backyard BBQ School our passion has become our business, and our passion is BBQ. Authentic southern style BBQ is an art that is prepared with fire from hardwoods and quality charcoals. Our vision is to cover all the aspects of this art form. Rediscover a rich American tradition from all three of our services: at Backyard BBQ Catering taste the low and slow, sweet and smoky at one of your own catered BBQ events, learn BBQ basics and fundamentals at Backyard BBQ School held monthly at Lakes Park as a licensed Lee County vendor, or get the coolest BBQ pit/smoker from Backyard BBQ Outfitters. We build custom smokers so you can have the best equipment. Click on our Outfitters link to see the “Smoke-n-Grill36.” When we set up at food events, we have a BBQ stand and a BBQ Smoker stand where we market and retail our smokers as well as promote our BBQ class.
Created by Emmett Todd
Created at 2/22/2010 3:36 AM
Changed by Emmett Todd
Changed at 2/22/2010 3:36 AM